Mycole Metcalf
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1979 was a great year. Jon Voight and Jane Fonda won Academy Awards for Coming Home, Seattle won the NBA Finals, and the album of the year was the BeeGees Saturday night Fever. A little Mycole made her debut and by 3 was performing on stage in dance recitals. By age 10 touring with theatre groups and attending Shakespeare camp. Once on her first set, The Sandlot, she knew she had found her passion in life.

Mycole Metcalf is an American Film Actress, Fashion Model and advocate for many charitable causes. She is currently starring and producing a fun environmental documentary and is developing a foundation to provide art programs to less fortunate children.

With the support of her loving family, Mycole grew an Actress and Host, appearing in many local independent films and commercials. She also enjoyed her reign as Miss Utah, which made her realize the importance of giving back to the community. Mycole had a good time when she guest hosted for ESPNís Extreme Sports. A scholar in Theater, Mycole trained in Stanislavski and enjoyed doing many of theater productions. One of her favorites was playing Sophie in "Sophie's Choice".

After graduating from the University, led by her passion, Mycole knew she was home when she moved to Los Angeles. Thus far she has enjoyed roles on the television shows NYPD Blue, Entourage and House. Mycole was fortunate in working with the talented Nick Cassavetes in Alpha Dog, where she plays Sunshine Parsons "Witness #3Ē. After her role on the energetic set of Fast & Furious, she starred in both Ruthless in Love and Closet Cyclers. Both of which have been accepted into upcoming film festivals.

Mycole has a whole new appreciation for the filmmaking process after investors helped her produce some of her own scripts, with more currently in production.

Mycole looks for challenging and inspiring projects. From her intense emotional training at Ivana Chubbuck Studios, Mycole revels in dramatic roles; but also loves to make people laugh. She performed in an improvisational sketch show in in Hollywood, then with a troupe performing at the Comedy Store and Hollywood Improv. Mycole feels she has a acquired a good balance of her craft as she continues to develop and flourish in her professional acting career.

Mycole's hobbies include dancing, rollerblading at the beach, and traveling. She is very much an adventurist. She likes to hike, snorkel, and is learning new martial arts techniques. Also, she plays many sports that involve a ball, thanks to her Dad.

     "I am very thankful that I am able to do what I love doing and have a career in it. I believe that with perseverance and hard work you can accomplish any dream you can imagine."

- Mycole Metcalf

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